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the festival of lights, is a major festival in India and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour. Firecrackers do not come cheap, and is often a wastage of money. The way they are promoting the concept of #PaperPatakha is commendable. Diwali is a festival that signifies the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and hope over despair. . The growing social awareness concerning our environment through policies, NGOs, social media, has motivated many citizens across the country to come forward in supporting eco-friendly ways to celebrate Diwali as these are very simple and cost effective. You could also opt for eco-friendly crackers that are made from recycled paper. Sick people the worst affected. Last but not the least, the effect of firecrackers on birds and animals is cataclysmic. Other ways in which people are celebrating Diwali is by buying the stuff like diyas and candles from local street sellers instead of buying that stuff from expensive malls and shops. Also Read: 10 Indoor Plants That You Can writing Grow in Your House Right Now! Communities can also opt for laser shows on Diwali evening. Dont carry fireworks in your pocket.

Log into m to get positive news on Whatsapp. The particulate matter in the atmosphere is at its pinnacle that can attribute to serious health issues. Fill permalink colourful balloons python with glitter and small pieces of bright coloured paper. If you dont have the space for a bonfire. The heavy metals used in the firecrackers will leave a residue in the lungs of people causing permanent damage. There is a great demand for them in the metros in comparison to small towns and villages. Much also depends on peoples mindset and attitude.

To celebrate Eco-Friendly and ailment-free Diwali to get health y and pollution free environment.Essay on Diwali for students and teachers.

Pollution free diwali essays. New yorker article on limits of reason

It is no more prudent and customary to dig a deep hole in your pockets for buying crackers that only cause health issues accruing to noise created by burning of the crackers as pollution well as pollution they create outside our homes which makes it really. Make a card from recycled paper to go with. Diwali can be celebrated with earthen lamps. Give the festivals a green tinge by reusing everyday items in innovative ways to create beautiful products. And other chemicals in the environment. Wealth, happiness as well as better health. Recent studies have shown that the chemical particles also diwali contaminate the water bodies.

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