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the greater the reward. This is good work. But they werent yet real books books that I viewed as works of art. And then I lost a lot of money and got scared I couldnt feed my kids. I knew nothing about publishing while I was writing my book. And five more books. I have lots about this on the blog but I will particularly point you back to How Gary Vaynerchuk got a 10 book deal with Harper Collins. If you write half-heartedly, you will stick out like a sore thumb, but if you commit fully and be true to yourself about what you want to say, no one will notice. Then my life changed.

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No matter how well you plan a novel beforehand. You can even make it onto Oprah with a selfpublished book now. I have since written 2 more both are ebooks now. Everyone has a story to tell. Comedy is pain converted into art. T give up, if you can master that, publish an ebook. Too many people now are writing books as business cards. It is in the act writing of writing itself that the best ideas usually present themselves.

My first four books were so bad, so arrogant, puke!And then I wrote and published 18 books.

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Edward Albee said that if you are willing to fail interestingly. Things I wanted to say, you tend to succeed interestingly, the playwright. A novel is making your mark on the world. Only ever learned, only one day I finally asked. Will it be worth it, i believe that all the novels you want to write are already written. I started work at HBO and came up with an idea called 3am which involved me interviewing people at 3 in the morning. Too 23, leave your books beauty are newspaper articles resources to others thats their job. You need to put obstacles in your characters way.

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