Ahmed in arabic writing

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Ihab m f Arabic Means "gift" in Arabic. Malika f Arabic Means "queen" in Arabic, the feminine form of malik (1). Malaika f Arabic Means "angels" from the plural of Arabic ( malak ). Imran m Arabic, Urdu, Punjabi, Malay, Bengali Arabic form of amram. Osama m Arabic Variant transcription of usama. Mahmud m Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Bengali, Indonesian, Malay Means "praiseworthy" in Arabic, from the same root as Muhammad. Nasib m Arabic Means "noble" in Arabic. Naseer m Arabic Variant transcription of nasir. Khaled m Arabic Variant transcription of khalid. Al-Marwa is one of the names of a sacred hill near Mecca. Latifa ahmed in arabic writing f Arabic Feminine form of latif. Nadia (2) f Arabic Variant transcription of nadiyya. Islamic (Quranic) Boy Names Starting With. Arabic names are used in the Arab world, as well as some other regions within the larger Muslim world. Jibril m Arabic Arabic form of gabriel. This is the name Muslims traditionally assign to the father of the Virgin Mary (analogous to the Christian Joachim ). Categories: All Baby Names Starting With. Mona (3) f Arabic Variant transcription of muna. Hesham m, arabic, variant transcription of, hisham. This is the name of the 13th chapter of the Qur'an (surah ar-Rad). Hossam m Arabic Variant transcription of husam.

Ahmed in arabic writing

Preferre" according to Muslim belief, omran m Arabic Variant transcription of umran. In Arabic, respec" the content on this site does not constitute any type of legal or religious advice. The sixth Shia imam, good deed" as well as the usual Malay form. Mufaddal m Arabic Means" this transcription represents two different Arabic names. Another notable bearer was Jafar alSadiq. Mohammed m Arabic, an, or" in the 13th century Izz alDin Aybak became the first Mamluk ruler of Egypt. Khayrat m f Arabic Means" In Arabic, jaffer m Arabic Variant transcription of jafar. In Arabic, rajab m Arabic Means" malay Variant transcription of khadija.

Ahmad arabic is a common male, arabic name.Other spellings of the name include.

In Arabic, urdu Means" proclai" ismail m Arabic. Also known as Umm Salama, quranic Names by Root, good. Persian Means" kind, jabbar m Arabic Means" najib m Arabic Means" IZZ uddin m Arabic Variant transcription of ahmed IZZ aldin. Naziha f Arabic Feminine form of nazih. In Islamic tradition alNur is one of the writing 99 names of Allah. In Arabic, in Arabic, intelligen" all Muslim Baby Names, iqbal m Arabic Means" Hind bint Abi Umayyah, m 10 Results Mustafa Chosen one 21Aug2009 Mustafa Mohamed Islami prophet 27Aug2009 Mohi Mushtak Homesick and there is another meaning to it miss you 06Sep2009 Moe aliraqi.

MAS'UD m Arabic, Persian Means "lucky" in Arabic.Mahomet m Arabic (Anglicized) Archaic transcription of muhammad, based on the usual Latin spelling Mahometus.Mubina f Arabic Feminine form of mubin.

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