Assign intune license

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want to do?) The following steps can be completed using either the Office 365 account portal, the Windows Intune account portal or the Windows Azure AD portal, depending on trong research papers which services your organization has subscribed. Representatives of a single company will be presented with the Intune administration console, which Figure 1 shows. In this age of consumerization in IT, more and more users are bringing their own PCs and devices to work, or at least using their own machines to perform work. (And thats on top of the 150 to 1,400 the companys customers save per PC per year by migrating to Windows 7, depending on the starting infrastructure.) Recommendations Although Windows Intune will likely see its biggest successes in the high end of the small business. The value will vary depending on the size of your company or the number of users. Follow the directions on the screen to complete your purchase. Alternatively, you can simply choose to disable whatever solution is on the PC(s) and replace it with Endpoint Protection. Note Not all services are available in all user locales. With Windows 8 you getwell, you get Windows. (The Intune Center, which Figure 3 shows, also includes front ends for both Windows Update and the Windows Intune Endpoint Protection client.).

Assign intune license

You can access the Windows Intune management experience by browsing to m in your favorite article web browser and logging. And what size businesses will benefit most from its initial feature set. Intune lets you quickly view and act on any securityrelated issues. So theres no need for now. For small businesses still using Windows. Lets discuss what Windows Intune brings to the table today. As a cloudbased service, intune exists entirely on Microsofts data centers. The Client Experience I installed the Windows Intune agent and associated software manually on my own client PCs. But Id rather see a lower price option that foregoes this client license.

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And Intune is fury ideally suited for such scenarios. Remove a license from a user. By removing a license from a user.


Intune Endpoint Protection, like FEP 2011 and MSE 2, uses heuristic-based methods to examine suspect software for new malware.Microsoft's plans for Windows Intune are all very exciting.

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