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inevitable false claims that this valid critique of work - which she willing put on public display and sells - was somehow threatening or harassment. Instead of actually attempting to inform the reader about Leelah Alcorn, and how he killed himself by splattering himself onto a truck because poisonwood his parents were actually decent and didn't buy into all the SJW horseshit of this day and age, Sophie just shows how. The bonds that had held his body down were loosened. Just like every other tranny who ever lived. That is how badly Sophie presents her points of view. He's a very minor character, only appearing in two back-to-back comics, but he's fairly important because he's used to show that Stephie isn't above insulting fellow members of the lgbt community. This page IS being watched BY enemies OF THE lulz. If you are such a person, before you begin shitting all over the internet about what this review you haven't even read is "really about let me say this: If it wasn't for the fact that the author is selling her work as books for. Seeing as how they probably had to suffer through these lectures about how " even though trans women have penises, they're not nor were they ever men or whatever other stupid shit Sophie read on Tumblr that day on a regular basis, they probably finally. Plot, early Stories, a genderfluid child named, ciel has difficulties with their mental health after their mother's suicide. The other characters are just as wooden. This was likely added in because the " good " parent can't be cisgender and heterosexual. Though, given the fact that most of the comic's dialogue consists of tranny-sympathizing text walls, it probably is a common occurrence for characters to just zone out and pretend to be listening as Stephie rambles on for the millionth fucking time about how the patriarchy. They have about the same amount of characterization as Lea, but without the added bonus of being token minorities, or having names. Except for when somebody else says it, in which case, he gets triggered and locks himself in the bathroom like a little bitch, possibly because he didn't get to announce it on his own and get the attention he wanted. One of the comic's most notable artistic flaws is Sophie's inability to position the characters' pupils correctly. The first: that this review is utter shit because Asa is a massive downie. Like, really, really sad. He's clearly a chronic victim.

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Webcomic about a transgender girl.Updates 3 times a week (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) Website.

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