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become ingrained into memory and habit, altering the accepted definition of success topic into something shame-worthy. All the money in the world cannot teach respect or courtesy that only comes with a good up-bringing and a strong concern for the feelings of others. Travel as much as you can comfortably afford. However, such people are not many in the society. Marketers want us to believe that living a selfish life, involving nothing but the pursuit of money and fame will bring success and happiness. Some individuals argue that an individual needs to be smart- and not hard working, for them to be successful.

Becoming successful takes practice, more effective solutions that might not be obvious at first glance. Success has been sadly commercialized to represent article fame and popularity. Which means that people have to keep trying to succeed. Full with expectations from one of his older son. The definition of success I believe is very personal and will be different for everyone. Learning how to act respectably and admirably in difficult situations can make life smoother by helping to avoid unnecessary conflicts and spark lifelong friendships. Furthermore, money does make life easierbut it does not necessarily make it better.

Success Essay Success Essay As defined by Websters Dictionary, success is: the gaining of wealth, fame, etc, or favorable result.Success defined by myself is: being content in life, having the necessities, forming a family, having the career of your choice, and believing in myself in all.

Success essay

Theyve tended to treat life as a journey. Many people are unable or unwilling to engage in hard work for them to be successful. Or This success thing is just too much work.

In order to return to the traditional definition of success, Americans must cast off the lifestyle that they have been force-fed and build a better one!On the other hand, hardworking people try to find ways of solving some of the setbacks- instead of giving.

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