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engineering research, development, and engineering curriculum creation and assessment. Qualified students can work as research project recount writing year 4 assistants, engaging in thesis research in association with the faculty director and fellow students. Students may register for course credit for thesis work (ME 500) to help fulfill University academic unit requirements, but there is no minimum limit on registered dissertation units, as long as students are registered in at least 8 units (10 is recommended) per quarter prior. Candidates should participate each quarter in one of the following still life painting article (or equivalent) seminars: Units ME 389 Biomechanical Research Symposium 1 ME 390 Thermosciences Research Project Seminar 1 ME 395 Seminar in Solid Mechanics 1 ME 397 Design Theory and Methodology Seminar 1-3 AA 297 Seminar in Guidance, Navigation, and Control. Coterminal information, applications deadlines, and forms can be obtained from the ME student services office. Design Group students also have access to Center for Integrated Systems (CIS) and Ginzton Lab microfabrication facilities. Students receive financial support for the duration of their program, given satisfactory degree progress. Objective and Description, the graduate program provides opportunities for professional development in such forms as: instructional courses to enhance technical competence in areas of mechanical engineering practice; training through a variety of experiences in design, development, research, experimentation, and/or analysis in joint efforts with faculty. Research facilities include diagnostic devices for combustion gases, a spray combustion facility, laboratory combustors including a coal combustion facility and supersonic combustion facilities, several advanced laser systems, a variety of plasma facilities, a pulsed detonation facility, and four shock tubes and tunnels. Minor in Mechanical Engineering Students who wish.

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ME 411: Aerospace Applications in, mechanical, engineering.ME 507: Seminar, Thermal-Fluid Sciences.

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And science important courses above 200 level are normally approved. This is done through course work providing depth in one area of specialization and breadth in complementary areas. Mathematics, graduate nutrition engineering, up to 18 units of credit are allowed for thesis work ME 400 Thesis.

The Design Group is devoted to the imaginative application of science, technology, and art to the conception, visualization, creation, analysis and realization of useful devices, products, and objects. .Mechanical Engineering majors who have a grade point average (GPA).5 or higher in the major may apply for the honors program.

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