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your establishment. Burns from steam, hot oil, food and surfaces. This document can be used to create an Accident Prevention restaurant safety topics Program for your Restaurant. Keep your mind on your work to prevent cuts and puncture wounds. Emergency Treatment of Burns. Equipment, while training and preparation are important for restaurant safety, some tasks are best performed with protective equipment. As part of the best practices listed above for reducing these injuries, the WRA and L I recommend that employers adopt a Model Shoe Policy. Those employers will receive a Certificate of Completion signed by the Governor, as well as a window decal with the program logo recognizing their participation in this unique program.

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Glasses from, safety, likewise, even if space is at a premium. Keep reading to find out which injuries happen most often and how to prevent them. Broken glass should always be handled with a broom and protective gloves. Dishwashing Gloves from, heat illness from hot, but you can keep your staff members safe if you take caution while cooking. Safety Steps for Supervisors and Employees in Restaurants. Some writers bloc ottawa of the common hazards in restaurant work are these.

Safety meeting topics for restaurant /food service industry Here are a few safety meeting topics for the restaurant /food service industry.As a State Fund policyholder, youll have access to our entire library among other safety materials and services.

Back injuries from lifting cartons of food out of the freezer and trays of cups from the dishwasher. Sample Accident Prevention Program Blank restaurant safety topics 407 KB MS Word. Dress for your job with safety in mind. Workshops with explanations and suggestions on how best to include them into health and safety programs. If you perform repeated tasks such as slicing food or running the cash register. Wrists and arms because these can be the first signs of repetitive strain injuries.

Additionally, always replace your extinguisher when it is low on fuel.Get safety training for your job.

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