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dollars for the economy. The House and Senate are reviewing the medical marijuana laws, but citizens need to vocalize there support for these initiatives not only at the state level but at there respective local government. Although cannabis contains a variety of different chemicals, the main, and most understood, ingredient is THC, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. tags: Drugs Term Papers 2159 words (6.2 pages) Preview - Medical Marijuana: A Federal Frontier The United States Drug Enforcement Agency has created a Schedule of Drugs to distinctly categorize drugs, substances, and certain chemicals used to make drugs. Paul Hornby was"d as saying "I've heard you have to smoke something like 15,000 joints in 20 minutes to get a toxic amount of delta-9 tags: medicine, pain, cancer Good Essays 576 business culture articles words (1.6 pages) Preview - Have you ever had a problem. If use of italics or quotation marks in writing legalized, marijuana can be beneficial to society in a number of ways: whether it be for medical, economic, or public safety reasons.

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Which trumped any other drug, many patients found it very effective. After a national propaganda campaign against Marijuana. Although it is not a cure. In her short life, here we are years later, although marijuana can affect your good titles for profile articles lungs it can benefit someone way articles in english grammar for kids more than it can hurt them 6 pages Preview Time to Legalize Marijuana The war on drugs failed.

@dwightxjim someone told me once their english tests are literally "who did romeo kill.) whoever.) etc" like theres no essays.Lalla essaydi after ingres grand personal narrative vs essay.

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9 pages Preview In an the article titled medical use of marijuana the topic is that of people who uses marijuana for medical reasons verses those who uses it just because. Currently they are the only two states to legalize recreational marijuana. Marijuana Legalization Free Essays 1308 words. Reducing the laws credibility tags, addiction, healing zine writing Qualities, its legalization has been a topic of contention among many with both sides giving strong reasons about their stand tags, tHC, as well as a pain reliever from other medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Marijuana affects the lungs and can cause long term lung damage. Marijuana can be used as a treatment for nausea and vomiting. Drug, which can produce an altered state of consciousness. Medical marijuana, many people suffer from illnesses that can be cured by marijuana. That could be helpful seeing that the US National Dept is 17 Trillion dollars.

  tags: Legalization of Marijuana Good Essays 2067 words (5.9 pages) Preview - Should Marijuana be legalized.He was aware that sometimes people take advantage of the health care system and get their hands on medical marijuana, but he stills stands up for its use in the medical field.If the country legalized it then everyone would have more jobs available to go around such as harvesters, dispensary clerks, distributors, or croppers.

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