China's one child policy was it a good idea essay

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not have more children. Males are the preferred gender in China. Today we release more greenhouse gases than we did before the Kyoto accords. Of course, things might change. " So I believe it is fair to say the "Powers That Be" use a variety of methods to enforce the laws, financial taxes levied at those quite unable to cover the fines. A decision to relax the controversial policy in January 2014, allowing married couples to have a second baby if the mother or father was an only child themselves, was widely welcomed. However, it isnt the one-child policy that causes gender imbalance. We say that there is a constitutional right to free speech, but at the same time agree that there is no right to yell Fire! Officials estimated that an extra two million babies would be born as a result - but the expected baby boom failed to materialize. During that time more than 10 government officials and their hired staff would stand guard outside of the house, 24 hours a day in order to stop Chen and his family from leaving their home and yet, Chen was regularly roughed-up. Some think that even with the new freedom to have two children, at least most urban Chinese will stick to the old policy, and of course if people do the environmentally right thing without being forced to, that is best all around. Don't count on a baby boom. However many individuals are unhappy with the policy as it prevents them having a large family with siblings. It is still the law and is expected to stay in effect for years to come. China's one child policy was created by Deng Xiaoping in 1979because of the large population; 300 million people were born over20 years. This then translates to longer life expectancy. Transcript of Was China's one child policy a good idea? By Rachel Cheung What is the one child policy? Â In some areas illegal/ forced abortions are used so people will keep within the rules of the 'one child policy'. Changing it now, before the crunch, will be less painful than trying to do that when our backs are against the wall. And other countries that do show an artificial gender imbalance dont have one-child policies theres just a preference for boys. The main methods of enforcing China's one child policy wasexorbitant fines and harassment by authorities.

China's one child policy was it a good idea essay

And such," and then there are those who manage to go undetected until arriving at the hospital in active labor and are found to be repeat parents. With China already having over 1 jim morrison essay billion people. It also controls the population and improves the living standards of China. In 2008, weve done this many times and will do it again. It dropped, having another baby would cost more for their education.

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More people will mean more fun writing activities unsustainable resource use. S mustreads, the moral arguments, the population will continue to grow for quite some time even if we all cut back now to two children. This is a case where avoiding a sensitive subject will only come back to haunt.

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