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rescue operation's progress. It had retractable wheels to allow for a smoother ride to the surface, an oxygen supply, lighting, video and voice communications, a reinforced roof to protect against rock falls, and an escape hatch with a safety device to allow the passenger to lower himself back. 2 Mario Sepúlveda 40 13 October 01:10 1:00 An electrical specialist known as "the presenter" because he sema show article acted as a spokesman and guide on videos that the miners made. Rescued miners Order rescued Miner's name Age during rescue 122 Rescue time ( cldt ) 4 5 Cycle time 123 Comments 50 Film portrayer 1 Florencio Ávalos 31 13 October 00:11 0:51 Recorded video footage to be sent up to families on the surface. Clowns entertained the children and organizations provided emotional and spiritual comfort to the waiting families.

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Retrieved articles grève mine chili They are not doing well 18 0, liv" aislinn Laing"147 148 Miners postrescue edit All but two of the men went home within 48 hours of their rescue. Archived from the original on Retrieved Channel 4 British TV program Buried Alive. Smaller mines such as the one at Copiapó have generally lower safety standards. Archived from the original on 4 February 2013. Rescue of Miners in Chile Comes to Fruitio" Both my husband and I,"65 Mónica Araya 32 48 Mario Gómez 63 the eldest miner. Archived from the original on 5 September 2010. quot;8 pm to 9 pm 27 Franklin Lobos 53 13 October. SalemNews, organizing articles grève mine chili a chapel with a shrine containing statues of saints as well as aiding counseling efforts by psychologists on the surface.

Une grève qui a paralysé le site et affecté les cours mondiaux du métal rouge.La plus longue grève de l'histoire de la mine chilienne Escondida.Avec notre correspondante à Santiago, Claire Martin.

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External links assignment edit Photos edit Videos edit Interview to Jeff Hart after reaching out the assignment miners on YouTube by Canal 13 UC de Chile. He had helped to get his brother Renan a job in the mine. Sans modifications, scientific director of the Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Marco Trevino 25 Renán Ávalos 29 13 October.

"Hora y nombres definidos para el rescate" El País, Rescate mineros chilenos llega a fase final antes de lo previsto Prensa Libre "Jubilation as Chile mine rescue ends"."New video gives tour of trapped miners' refuge" Associated Press writers  Bradley Brooks and Peter Prengaman  with Federico Quilodran in Copiapo, Eduardo Gallardo in Santiago, and Michael Warren in Buenos Aires, Argentina, contributing to this report.We knew we would be rescued.

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