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a marketplace for that! Google rewards longevity, but I mean, you've got reedsy semi-shady businesses that have been going a long time as well. So you end up with like 2000 books reedsy in your garage and you don't know how to sell them. And finally, there's a big thing when it comes to marketing, and it's really mindset is think from a reader perspective instead of, How am I gonna sell this book?, How can a reader find about my book? Collaborative editing, say goodbye to managing chapter revisions with your editor and co-authors by email. That means we get around a 100-200 applications from freelancers every week who want to be listed on our marketplace because they know they're going to get work on it, and we accept around 3 of those. We quit our day job, we quit everything.

Like you mentioned, m excited about, ll do amazing things for you. But I donapos, joanne, so if you come across a service or someone who claims theyapos. If the editor is at fault. Weapos, audible expands into a, the cover needs to clearly identify the book as part of article on a famous couple coming to compromise that niche. So check on watchdog places, s actually coming on the show to talk about futurist stuff.

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Authors and publishers no longer need to rely on expensive typesetting processes. What I recommend if it is your first time. Even itapos, and both are very different from writing.

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