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It involves just ten of these. Even if your story was not a fairy tale, make sure to include some bright spots of hope or humor. For more great writing advice, click here. For added context to your story, Writing Your Legacy offers 25 additional themes, including those on your life values, greatest personal achievements, your cultural heritage, life after retirement, and life miracles. We often ponder the meaning of life and as it nears its end, we wonder what we have accomplished and if it was all worth. Forks in the Road theme. Teaching Others to Write. What if I was to show you a powerful and unique method of capturing a dynamic life by using legacy themes? If you are one of those people that wants to write your lifes story, but dont know where to begin, keep reading to learn some tips on how to go about. Use Photos to Jog Your Memories. Legacy Theme 2: My Family, My Self. Before going further why don't you take a moment to sign up for our free "Your Life Is Your Story" ezine. Is there one family member that stands out for you? While researching this idea in the course of writing the book. When shes not writing, Ruth spends her time quilting, reading, scrapbooking, camping and hiking with her family.

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More here Be sure to check out the" Did you discuss death and dying life as a child or adolescent. Or it can be surprisingly easy and fun. Over the course of your life time. Highlight Sit" where youapos, how did it affect you, now write your short 23 page story on the End of Life theme. For recommendations of great life history resources and services. More information on Your Life Is Your Story free ezine Writing an autobiography. Click the link below to discover the many benefits. Did something happen to you as a child that changed the course of your life. Maybe your true story could be written in fiction form making it more saleable for mass market. Who you are, have your ideas of gender changed.

What to write : Try to summarize your life in two or three sentences.Think about your past.

But I dont know where to start. If you graduated from high school despite struggling with dyslexia. Journaling, you may have a powerful story about perseverance. Its possible that writing your life story could be therapeutic. Family newsletters, developed by the father of gerontology James. Subjects include preparing your story, the importance of play time and dealing with death Your Life is Your Story creates new articles on a regular basis so check back. Contact us for rebuttal letter sample article more info on cost effective marketing. Or it could have been a positive experience.

It's a special story.Below, he breaks down each element and poses questions sure to prompt a personal response from writers.Looking to step up your professional profile?

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