Dita reference topic paragraphs

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element prefixed by " ID_of_the_topic_ancestor / " for any descendant element of a topic. p /body /topic If you want to address topic "t1 specify href t1". Always specify attribute scope"external" for such links. The generic topic structure is used for untyped topics. Sample Table of photographic credits. The second element doesnt contain any content but uses both the conref attribute (to identify the target element) and the conaction attribute set to the value mark. A content reference is specified by entering the address of the content to be re-used in the conref attribute of the element into which it will be included or transcluded. A variety of actions are available for the dita framework that can be found on the toolbar, the contextual menu, or the dita menu. All the examples use this topic as the target: concept id"c_install" title Installing Duck Database /title conbody p id"install_intro" To install the Duck Database on Windows and Macintosh, follow these instructions. But what if you dont own (or have the rights to modify) the reused topic? Tip: For information about customizing Author mode actions for a particular framework (document type see the, configuring Actions, Menus, Toolbars, Content Completion for a Framework section). The value of the @href attribute of a link element is: ". XMLmind XML Editor " Attributes Tool " is dita-aware: see its auto-completion feature in action. p Create a dita topic containing the element to be pushed. Dita; the source dita file is c_conrefpush_target. In dita, content can be re-used at the topic level (by using one topic in many ditamaps at the block writing third person limited level, or at the phrase level. Any dita element, be it a paragraph, a table, a task pre-requisite, a user interface control, a term, a cross-reference, or any other tagged chunks, can be re-used elsewhere. Remember There is generally no need to specify the text of internal links, as the dita processing software can automatically generate this text. You can use the conkeyref attribute to indicate the target of a conref push. If you want to address paragraph "p2 specify href"topic2.dita#t2/p2". Examples: xref xref href"m/xmleditor format"html" scope"external" XMLmind XML Editor /xref link link href"m/ditac format"html" scope"external" linktext XMLmind dita Converter /linktext /link External links, the target of an external link is any location outside the overall dita document. The conref push mechanism allows you to push in three ways. The structure of the concept topic. The conbody element holds the main body-level elements of the concept topic. If you want to address topic "t2 specify href"topic2.dita#t2" or more simply href"topic2.dita".

Dita reference topic paragraphs. Articles on market segmentation targeting and positioning

Or for one customer dita reference topic paragraphs you need to add an extra paragraph to that reusable dita reference topic paragraphs topic. And set the conaction attribute to pushreplace. On the contrary, in one case for one product.

While much of the, dITA architecture is built on generic topics, it is generally.Types (such as concept, task, or reference ) when they are available.

Dita reference topic paragraphs

Prolog, the link element may be contained only in a relatedlinks element. For instance, table, then the referencing paragraph element will be coded. Concept topics are specialized from the base topic information type. Or any other article bob marley conceptual or descriptive information. Etc, xref and link, section, the target dita writing reviser add on file is cconrefpushtarget. Dita has two elements which allow specification of internal or external links. P The conref idea originated in sgml.

While much of the dita architecture is built on generic topics, it is generally better to use more specific information types (such as concept, task, or reference) when they are available.Replaces a specific element.

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