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1987, a game called The Legend of Zelda was created by Nintendo. In all honesty, I'm thankful for The Legend of Zelda. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. And people would laugh at her tears and say that its overrated. One with freedom and liberty. So therefore we have to acknowledge our own, since history will not acknowledge us we choose to acknowledge ourselves. The list doesn't have to be only the most profound and life-changing things - if you're thankful for cocktail hotdogs, then give thanks for them. Some foreign Affairs have been if a small terrorist group can coordinate such a massive attack on the most powerful country in the world it could happen to them. Essay 2058 words - 9 pages Recently I saw a cartoon that showed a man out walking a dog. . An Inspiring Story 2152 words - 9 pages patterns and the carpet is an ugly gray color. She betrayed her in that moment, yes, to ask for help.

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Why I am Thankful.Half of the things in my life were not so good and I was not very grateful for it but other than that everything has been good.I 'm sure that a lot of people has several different things that they are thankful for and they have different reasons.

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He has played with me when I had nothing.Finally, the third thing that I am mainly.What Are You Thankful For?

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