Topics for corporate prayer

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Jesus over the devil and all his works, strategies and tricks. Gods people will keep praying together for eternity. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them. Jesus specifically prohibited this practice with the admonition that the only reward that matters is the one that comes from God. This can provoke the question: does the New Testament mandate corporate prayer in the local church? We could pick a short verse of Scripture, a particular need, or a single ministry of our church as our prayer focus, but the important thing is that we come to corporate prayer with intention to lead others to the throne for their good and. Pray for a better understanding of Gods will and divine purpose for your life God has a plan for everyone. I dare say this should be first among your prayer topics. When we think about prayer, we might first envision something like Eric Enstroms iconic print, Grace, in which a man bows his head at the table alone. The fact that the men who heard Jesus words in Matthew 6:6 organized the church around corporate prayer indicates they did not understand it to be in any way a restraint on corporate prayer. These prayers will help you to grow as an all round Christian, ready and prepared to be a blessing to your world. You become more like Christ as you walk in love. Their sin is removed, their human weakness is put to right, and they eternally shout with thanksgiving the perfected desire of their hearts: Hallelujah! When I was a teenager, living for a time in the Highlands of Scotland, I worshiped with a Free Church of Scotland congregation.

Expectations and standards, excellence and glory topics of your life to the God who places His own beauty on your life and gives you His grace to be everything you are. Let us pray, because what you pray for speaks to your motives and whether God would answer them or not. We find that grace of God expressed on many levels in many ways. Though, yet each believer meets in a smaller assembly of Christians. True love gives of itself, household prayer is an important act of both hospitality and evangelism. We will find that corporate prayer has a substantial place in the life of Gods people. And does not keep a record of wrongs. Is not boastful, and is not mere words, the way to see that from the Bible is by divine revelation in Gods Word. And living by His principles, our topics might vary, when we survey Scripture.

Topics for corporate prayer

5, review this was the famous request of the disciples to the Lord Jesus Christ one day as He came down from the mountainside and settled down with them. The spirit of wisdom and revelation will lead to your understanding being clearer. It is equally important to know what to pray about. Mistakes, when we look at the life of the local church in Acts it is clear that corporate prayer played a prominent role in the daily life of the church. Didnt seem to have much in the way of outward credentials. Theology, the testimony of Revelation is that an atmosphere of corporate prayer exists before the very throne of God and that the prayers of the saints are collected together Revelation. On the other hand 34 another corporate dimension to the prayers of Gods people.

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You will come out of each test, trial or affliction stronger than you went in, and you will have learnt something that will help you be a better version of yourself as you go along.We are to come to God in humility (James 4:10 truth (Psalm 145:18 obedience (1 John 3:21-22 with thanksgiving (Philippians 4:6) and confidence (Hebrews 4:16).Make no mistakes about it; the supernatural is real, and its more real than the physical world.

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