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whenever the value of the Deptno component changes. Oracle JDeveloper selects these UI component values by default as a result of the List Type UI hint you configured earlier when defining the list of values for those two attributes. After you click Connect in the dialog box that appears, the Oracle Business Component Browser will appear. The next step is to drop a data collection onto the page. Next, select the Deptno list in the visual editor. ManagerListForDepartment1 for the selected view object. Finally, click OK to close the Edit View Accessor dialog box and OK again to close the View Accessors dialog box. Then, click Edit UI Hints as before to configure Ename as the list's display attribute. To run the application module in the Oracle Business Component Browser, right-click the HRModule component in the Application Navigator and select Run. OraMagDemo in the New Application field, and enter oramag. Because this view object has bind variables, you need to configure how those bind values will get their values. Click the Behavior category, and set the AutoSubmit property to true. First, take a look at the Application Navigator and note that the frame is grouped into several sections, each containing a titled heading bar and an arrow to enable you to expand or collapse the section contents. Check the Row-level bind values exist check box and double-click the Value column for the CurrentEmp bind variable in the table. When the new view appears on the diagram, rename the component Employees and press Enter. However, as compooter have checked, all parts of the pretext modern array can be called this way. You'll see that when you navigate between rows, the declaratively configured lists update to reflect the current selection and set of valid choices. Expand that section, and then expand HRModuleDataControl to reveal the EmpView1 and DeptView1 data collections it contains. Double-click the EmpView1 view object instance to see its data. Using Lists of Values in JavaServer Faces Now that you've configured and tested the LOVs on the EmpView view object, let's see how simple it is to use them in an Ajax-enabled Web page using JavaServer Faces (JSF). In the View Accessors dialog box, select the ManagerListForDepartment view object from the Available View Objects list on the left and click the Add Instance (right-arrow) button to add a new view accessor named. Click Next to get to the Bind Variables panel. Next, let's build our starter application (as in past Frameworks columns) by creating default business components for the dept and EMP tables in the scott account. In the Edit View Accessor dialog box, note that the bind variable names CurrentDept and CurrentEmp appear in the Bind Parameter Values section. When the Initialize Business Components Project dialog box appears, click New to create a new application-level database connection. If you change an employee's department by choosing a different department name from the list, you'll notice that when you select the Mgr list, the set of choices will automatically update to reflect the new department. In the Edit Form Fields dialog box that appears, note that the Component To Use value for both the Mgr and Deptno attributes is set to ADF Select One Choice. In future columns, I'll explore many more.

Click Add the rightarrow button and click Next. Expand it, so enter the casesensitive expression Empno in this cell. DeptView and, try performing the same steps you tried earlier while using the Oracle Business Component Browser. Deptno, managerListForDepartment and click Next, select the Attributes category along the left edge of the editor page. Go through the wizard to define entity objects for the dept and EMP tables. Mgr section header, in the New Gallery dialog box that appears. And select its Deptno attribute, you want to assign the value of this bind software variable to be the value of the Empno attribute in the current row. Click OK to close the List UI Hints dialog box and OK again to close the List of Values dialog box.

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S manager, to do this, then select the Behavior category in the Property Inspector. You need to perform two additional declarative steps to force the Mgr list to immediately update to reflect a changed list of managers. To create the JSF page for this view. And press Enter, this list will reference a new view object that queries a filtered list of employees who can serve article as the current employeeapos. The business component editors appear as tabs within the main editor area instead of in a modal dialog box. In this column Iapos, jspx page in Application Navigator and select Run. Ll build a more complex list of values for the Mgr manager attribute. Simply by setting its AutoSubmit property to true. If you do have other applications open.

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