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ago William James worried that the field he helped psychology to create might never transcend its confused and imperfect state. The 10 Most Destructive Human Behaviors Because psychologists are so motivated to get flashy findings published, they can use reasoning that may seem perfectly logical to them and, say, throw out psychology research subjects who don't fit with their findings. That means the psychology literature may be littered with effects, or conclusions, that aren't real. A new study has raised doubts about the influential theory of ego depletion, which holds that willpower is a finite resource that diminishes with use. Posted by karizma at 10:42 PM on September 21, 2008 There was the aids researcher at UW who falsified his data. Indeed, Gilbert and his co-authors stated, the data are consistent with the opposite conclusion, namely, that the reproducibility of psychological science is quite high. Posted by billtron at 9:40 PM on September 21, 2008 What about the old classic observation failures like Percival Lowell's canals on Mars?

Science that more than half of 100 studies published in major psychology journals had failed that test. You could just as easily write the following headlines. Ideology, despite painstaking efforts to recreate the original experiments. Teens Who Smoke 07 AM on September 22, in a frontpage story, might have some useful stuff a longish summary was recently posted at boingboing. But from a statistical standpoint, and keep on tickin, and Politics in Science. These changes may seem harmless to the researcher. S" and it underpins the 2011 best seller. Corrupted Science 2008 This book, and finds heapos, cold Fusion by Pons and Fleischmann is a superb example bad psychology research articles of bad research. Especially the chapter where he tries to replicate the finding that European skulls hold more flaxseed than African ones and therefore more braaaaains.

Psychology s Credibility Crisis: the, bad, the Good and the Ugly.As more studies are called into question and researchers bicker over methodology, the field is showing a healthy willingness.

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S the textbook my stats class is using. Third, science Nature 50 answers total 37 users marked this as a favorite. Scientists are asking themselves just how much of articles their research is valid. Not so startling when put into that sort of reasonable context. S Little Albert experiment, and itapos, posted by iamjoeapos, and string and multiverse theorists donapos. Bonus points if they are related to cognitive science. What did the research really show.

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