Oxidizing and reducing agents lab assignment

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be positive if the cathode and anode are properly identified. The reactant that gains electrons (is reduced) causes an oxidation and is called an oxidizing agent. The Pb wire will be dull gray and very bendable. Part A: Relative Reactivities, in Part A of this experiment, you will rank the relative strengths of oxidizing and reducing agents by observing if reactions occur or not. This is the key to balancing equations for redox reactions. Connecting the electrodes through a load forms the external circuit. If contact with skin or clothing occurs, flush the affected area with water. The color of the liquid stays colorless. Thus, you should obtain a series of potential differences that can be arranged from most negative to most positive. Question 8: Based on your answers to Question 5, will either of these combinations produce a reaction? The oxidation half-reaction for each reducing agent is listed below writing in alphabetical order. 5 Next attach the red alligator clip lead to the other copper wire in well. If no such change is observed, no reaction has occurred. Many industrial processes involve electrolysis. However, the standard hydrogen electrode (SHE) is defined by international convention as the zero volt reference. Note that: The chemical which gains electrons is reduced and is called the oxidizing agent. Discussion: (See figure 2 to fully understand the changes in the oxidation numbers.) These four set-ups involved oxidation-reduction (redox) reaction. B Which species has the lowest energy unfilled or partially filled orbitals?

Oxidizing and reducing agents lab assignment. Essay about environmental protection and conservation

7 Go to oxidizing and reducing agents lab assignment the side shelf fume hood and oxidizing and reducing agents lab assignment add 10 mL of 3 M HCl solution to each beaker. A box will appear to choose an experiment. S electrons reside, instructions for Oxidation States of Manganese. You also observed a reaction with zinc metal. The reducing agent is the one with an increased in oxidation number and the oxidizing agent is the one with a decrease in the oxidation number 0 V since there is no potential difference between copper and itself.

Oxidizing and reducing agents lab assignment

Combustion and rusting, some examples include photosynthesis, while the element which gained an electron or electrons after the reaction and made a decrease in oxidation state went through reduction and is the oxidizing agent. The reducing agents produce hydrogen gas when exposed to water andor acid. The oxidation number suggests the strength or tendency of the compound to be oxidized or reduced. Through the external circuit, two silver ions each accept one electron from a single oxidizing and reducing agents lab assignment copper atom. You will then measure the potential difference between the Cu2Cu couple and several other redox couples consisting of metals and their ions. The halfreactions and the balanced net equation are shown below.

Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, like this presentation?Lab, report" page of the Scientific Skills and Formatting module to ensure that you follow the proper format.The oxidation numbers were identified, the equations were balanced and the colors were recognized.

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