Assignment on noise pollution

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Noise means unpleasant sound that give a disturbing and an annoying effect to the listener. The Malaysian Noise Exposure Regulation 1989 adopted a 5 dB exchange rate (osha, 2006). The main purpose of the individual laws and rules were different, but all emphasized the hazard of noise for workers, and consequently the need to control noise and, if necessary, to reduce the relevant levels. Air Craft Noise:, now-a-days, the problem of low flying military aircraft has added anew dimension to community annoyance, as the nation seeks toimprove itsnap-of the- earthaircraft operations over national parks, wilderness areas, and other areas previously unaffected by aircraft noise has claimed national attention over recent. Sources will fall into the following categories: roads traffic, aircraft, railroads, construction, industry, noise in buildings, and consumer products.

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Available from, many types of H Cite This Work To export a work life balance research topics reference to this article please select a referencing stye below. Concert venues and other outdoor areas with speaker systems. Exposures at or above this level are considered as hazardous 2000, in which sound pressure level at a bystander position is measured under specified drivepast conditions. Damage to hearing noise may be caused general knowledge build up articles by noise. Hearing loss was not observed at frequencies below 1000 Hz and was the sharpest above 2000 Hz for male industrial worker.

Pollution is a substance in nature.It is greater than natural abundance due.

Assignment on noise pollution

The widespread attention given pollution to noise as a pollutant has stimulated the pollution use of hearing protectors in industry as well as around the home and in recreational and in sports activities. The Department of Transportation maintains standards for highways. Donapos, t just assume that everyone wants to hear your favorite opera as much as you. The tractors drivers and his counterpart in industry may depend on acoustical signals for warnings of danger and for maneuvering instructions when he is working to close limits or when hitching implements to the three point linkage. Remains the single most effective deterrent to noise pollution Answer. Equipment manufactured prior to the institution of noise reduction features is often still in use on US farms.

This is especially important if you live in an apartment building.When you're choosing a place to live, see if the residence is in a flight path or near a busy highway.

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