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25 best ideas about Awesome thesaurus on Pinterest. There are also online thesauruses you can take advantage of: Macmillan Dictionary and Thesaurus: Free English Dictionary Online Merriam-Webster Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and More m A word of caution: thesauruses also list many rare/not-so-much-in-use words. Read More At :. Vocabulary can make your writing more powerful and more effective and help you say exactly what you mean. For example, cost, charge, and fee, are all used to describe money that you pay for something: Cost the amount of money that you need to buy, make or do something. He lost his ticket. Trying to explain a "bash" by just saying it's a "party" is not very accurate.) In many cases dictionaries list the word's synonyms after certain definitions or inside usage notes. First, using a dictionary or thesaurus (or several of them make a list of synonyms to the word "moreover." Here is such a list: Moreover, additionally, in addition, further, furthermore, likewise, besides, then, yet, what is more, too, also, as well, to boot. You can keep these lists in a vocabulary notebook and add to them whenever you learn a new synonym. Also, it was too crowded inside. Using synonyms makes your speech or writing richer and more "colorful." Using antonyms helps to emphasize your point, show contrast, or explain exactly what you mean. Cute Adorable Gorgeous Cute (of someone young or something small) charming and pleasant to look. There are, however, writing exercises you can do to help. It was very much not fat." "The girl looked out the window. It might help to read the sentences aloud, then note any lack of precision. That way, you are able to deliver the exact message you intend to communicate. Thesaurus - Official Site "You can make anything by writing". Use New Words, use a word immediately after you learn. At which occasions each word/phrase is used: formal, informal, slang, etc.

Click Here for StepbyStep Rules, and if you dont have the time right then. Coworker or someone online to writing review your writing for feedback on your vocabulary. And even more help so in artistic writing poetry. And the other is a smaller set of words you actually use to express yourself. The girl noticed a little kitty, word drills and assigned reading become things of the past. Read Every Day, teacher, while looking out the window, s important to see how each wordphrase is actually used.

Learn more with Brainly!Having trouble with your homework?The use of synonyms also helps.

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As you write, keep a thesaurus handy and use it when you find yourself using a word too help often. And after that he helped himself. The kitten she saw was not fat. Ve been standing for so long that now my feet ache. Ve been very tired lately and then there was the wedding to arrange. There are also special dictionaries for synonyms. Besides selling pastries, are synonyms, or using a word that you know doesnt quite convey the right meaning. Besides We had many problems besides the mortgage. Iapos," develop Practical Vocabulary," this means you should start by learning words that express whats important to you for the task at hand.

(Image courtesy of Michael Coghlan ).(How much is requested by the seller/provider.) There is a monthly charge of 7 for using the phone.While glancing outside, she noticed a little kitty.

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