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of the your family you get on well with. Students should spend more time learning outside of classrooms than within classrooms. You can take a full-length toefl speaking against practice test by checking out our new video post, in which youll have the chance to respond to six toefl speaking questions, just as you will on test day! Old people Describe an old person you know. Explain with specific details and reasons. Magooshs 1 Week Free Trial to get access to some, speaking lesson videos from our toefl Experts. You should say: what it is how often you visit it what kind of site it is what kind of information it offers and explain why you think it is useful. You should say: who you gave it to what kind of person he/she is what the gift was what occasion the gift was for and explain why you chose that gift. You should say: what the news was how you received copywriter the news who gave it to you and explain why this was good news. Ill elaborate more on this in later posts. The app simulates the real toefl speaking test with free practice speaking materials. Imagine the ways in which your country will change over the next five years. Book, describe a book you have recently read. What type of long-distance transportation do you think is most enjoyable? You only have 30 seconds to answer, so you need to make a quick decision and then work on supporting it with a reason or two. Toefl Speaking Topic 2: Choose a Preference from Two This speaking prompt will be very similar to many toefl essay prompts. You should say: what it was when it happened who was there why it was unexpected and explain why you enjoyed. You should say: who it is how you know this person what sort of person he/she is and explain why you think they are kind. Toefl Speaking Practice Topics for Tasks 1 and 2 Task. Speaking, topics, make sure that you understand the basics of the toefl. Speaking part 2 is called: The Long Turn, a face to face to talk to the examiner (3-4 minutes). The goal of this post is to introduce you to toefl, speaking on a high level, and then delve into specifics that will help you prepare for the exam.

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Which do you pre placement topics for co op do, and then immediately start thinking about why you admire them. Its better to reward employees with gifts and job perks. You should say, you should say, describe what they did. Theres a pretty clear divide between the two types. Describe a gift you recently gave to someone. What kind of book it is what it is about what sort of people would enjoy it and explain why you liked. Water Describe a place near water. You will be given a topic card. Where you were going how you were travelling who you were with what went wrong and explain what you would do differently.

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Looking for help with the bulats.This page will give you an overview of the oral exam.

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Hobby Describe an interesting hobby, why are people interested listening in the event. If you started studying English as an adult. Speaking, here are the sections in case youd like to jump ahead. The toefl speaking section includes two types of questionsindependent questions and integrated questions. Choose a famous person who you think would be enjoyable to have a conversation with. The Difference Between Integrated and Independent toefl.

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