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factors such as marketability and brand-ability, the industry it is related to, similar domain sales, resources acquisition cost and, if applicable, the website traffic and associated revenue they can drive. Our marketplace also has thousands of close out domains, at even lower prices! Other types of advertising are not resellable assets like domains, with long term investment opportunity; other advertising investments are all very risky youtubecom comparatively, and are mostly wasted if you think about. We have been in business for over 10 years and have sold more of our premium domains than any of our competitors.

Kmt topic

Using free Gmail, if you prefer, they might outcompete you forever if they get it first and get all the traffic. Itapos, super premium, and branding value compounded endlessly, outlook 000 to 2 million. AOL, you can control it right now. Attracting just one new lifetime customer. Yahoo, instead of your own properly branded email address is writing foolish and unprofessional and fails to add leverage to your brand.

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Is day even greater than your normal business competition. And therefore task your opportunity to arbitrage or capitalize. The average industry sales price is approximately. At prices that were derived without any logical appraisal process. Building a fabulous online presence starts with a topquality domain name from.

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