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must be noted that We listen at about writing an efficiency rate of 25 percent maximum, and we remember only about 50 percent of what is delivered during a ten minute speech/lecture/communication. He asks Whats in it for me? She said: because when I ran into him at the hallway, he didnt say hi. When you discover any attachment to your point of view, ease up on the attachment or completely let go. To conclude, effective listening enhances the communication quality. Even thoughts about thoughts. He should always summarize the speakers ideas so that there is no misunderstanding of thoughts of speakers. One who tries to understand the views of the speaker) and empathic (i.e. Characteristics of Good and Effective Listener. Listening implies decoding (i.e., translating the symbols into meaning) and interpreting the messages correctly in communication process. Anger hampers and inhibits communication. Replace attachment with curiosity, your listening will improve dramatically. Effective listening gives you an advantage and makes you more impressive when you speak. Or perhaps he tends to be aloof. Attachment to personal beliefs and values. Listening is an active process while hearing is a passive activity. When people are expressing a different point of view, we may be thinking how wrong they are, or what well say to convince them of our truth, or we may get defensive about them trying to convince us of their truth. Listen for feelings and facts-, good listener deliberately listens for the feelings of the speaker. It leads to better decision- making in an organization. Now you know the top 3 barriers to effective listening,.and you also know how to overcome them.

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Judgments, fears, the top 3 barriers to effective listening are distractions. Effective listening is directly related to our ability to do team work. But its best to make sure we get the right interpretation on more important matters. When you find yourself getting distracted with either internal page or external noise. Analyze and evaluate the speech in spare time. Listening means attentiveness and interest perceptible in the posture as well as expressions. Leaving a minimum amount of time for mental exercises to go off track.

He evaluates the speakers ideas in spare time. Internal and external distractions can be overcome by directing your attention to the speaker. This will help creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding and improve the exchange of ideas in communication effective listening articles process. To Know more, you can learn improve your focus by doing exercises to improve your mindfulness. Effective listeners appreciate flow of new ideas and information.

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He avoids premature judgements about the speakers message.Perhaps the CEO was deep in thought that day, or mad at her.Be open to accept new ideas and information.

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