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Conclusion: The success of state funding depends on a strong regulatory framework, stringent punishments, a quick and effective judicial system, an alert and demanding electorate, a broad consensus on political ethicsall of which we woefully lack. As a result, a large number of non-serious parties mushroomed and got registered with the Commission. If a person is found guilty of a corrupt practice at an election either by a high court in an election petition or by the Supreme Court in an election appeal, the President decides the question whether such person should be disqualified for contesting future. It is also meant to reduce undue corporate influence on politicians. But where such law is silent, Art 324 is a reservoir of power for the Commission to act for the avowed purpose of pushing forward, but not essay in spanish divorced from, a free and fair election with expedition. The important among these are being discussed here. But all this talk of state funding may not go down well with the. In 1989, the Congress party lost to a coalition led by VP Singh ( ) after Rajiv Gandhi was accused of corruption. The Election Commission shall consist of a chief Election Commissioner and such other Commissioners other types of essay as the President may, from time to time, fix. The statutory law relating to registration of political parties was enacted in 1989 which was quite liberal.

It is inherent in a democratic set up that the agency which is entrusted the task of holding elections to the legislatures should be fully insulated so that it can function as an independent agency free from external pressures from the party in power. Do regional parties runner have a say. The Supreme Court, it is the federal authority responsible for administering all the electoral processes of India and ensuring they are free and fair. Been observed that there is always a time lag between the date on which the order of the high court or the Supreme Court takes effect.

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Disagreeing with some of the mother observations avion of the division bench in Dhanoaapos. The above order is an effective step to make democracy healthy and unpolluted. For example, the leader of the anticorruption Aam Aadmi Party AAP Arvind Kejriwal.

The EC must be entrusted with powers to punish the errant politicians who transgress and violate the electoral laws.The order made it clear that failing to furnish the relevant affidavit shall be considered as a violation of the Supreme Courts order and as such the nomination papers shall be liable to be rejected by the Returning Officer.In another matter relating to the alleged disqualification of Km Jayalalitha, the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, referred to the Commission by the Governor of Tamil Nadu in March 1993, a single judge of the Madras High Court struck down the notice issued.

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