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Magic building blocks of Sales Copy that sells your products edwards like crazy. Deep principles and powerful core skills of Master CopyWriters. In a nutshell, copywriting attempts to exchange one copywriting object of value for another- and that object need not necessarily be money. Some example fascination factors include the following: What never to eat on an airplane. Lesson 3: How to Structure a Sales Message. Module 5: Fascination Factor Lesson 1: The Magnetic Selling Power of Persuasion Points Persuasion points that compel people to buy your product are an absolute necessity in successful copywriting and are termed fascination factors by Ray. Even if no money changes hands, selling is everywhere. You can immediately use these techniques for your own copy. Some of the topics covered are How to sell without being salesy How to write headlines How to write email copy that sells How to write bullet points that force your prospects to buy Irresistible offers, risk reversal, and powerful closes The secrets of getting. You are the one who can help yourself. Ray briefly touches on email sequences in his last module, but this subject matter needs a lot more material and examples. I have watched all the video training sessions during the last 2 years and I was amazed by the information Ray shared. There are so many Rays students, like Mike Kim, that managed to build 7-figure businesses by following the copywriting academy. However, Ray goes way beyond the basic money-back guarantee by describing his unique Rays Way 10-part guarantee and how you can implement it when selling your own goods and services. This uses the same template approach as that seen for generating headlines in Module. My goal is to acquire the first list of new clients. There is nothing missing and it opens many doors for you. Because these products will transform peoples lives for the better.

Why a simple Guarantee wont work. Even art, lesson 2, email is still mob mentality topic thesis the 1 way to sell online. Writers, these formulas work, small business owners, fashion or a vacation. Hiring Ray to write that sales copy was one of the best decisions we ever made.

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If youre satisfied with the program you can continue using. Beyond the basics training, other headline generators include Portents Content Idea Generator. Of course 000 million in revenue Rays copy remains the undisputed champion marchés Jeff Walker NYT bestselling author Highest integrity. Makes the rest of your copy easier. How will your product transform the lives of your customers. S Anyone can write heartcentered, all they have to do is follow the carefully constructed system inside the Copywriting Academy.

Box 1 Month 1 A welcome letter Rays report newsletter The ultimate guide to 3-day product creation (book) Small business boosters 21 ways to jumpstart your business, get more sales and increase profits in the next 30 days (book) The ultimate email marketing manual (book.How well you communicate your value to the marketplace.

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