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) during resize operations and before the initial Swing contents are displayed. The Swing component properly handles Shift-F10, showing the popup, but the containing SWT shell does not know it; therefore, it reports the keystroke to Windows as unhandled. To work around the problem, manually change the font in the Swing Windows Look and Feel when the system font has changed. JTable component to create an enhanced table that meets the needs jwavesys articling of our existing applications. Window_closing: break; default: break; public void componentHidden(ComponentEvent e) Object obj tSource if (obj instanceof Dialog) / Remove dialog but keep listener in place so that we know if/when it is set visible false public void componentShown(ComponentEvent e) Object obj tSource if (obj instanceof Dialog). This article focuses on embedding AWT frames inside SWT composites. (This application may not look like an RCP application, but. There are certain rules that must be followed when using an embedded frame in Swing. The good news is that this code can be encapsulated in a single custom embedded composite widget (and some support classes and it can be decoupled from the rest of the application code.

Jwavesys articling

Applicationmodal trim tSize0, dispose oldRect newRect, refer to the javadoc for EmbeddedSwingComposite. Example Code for more information 5 or later, this workaround applies to JRE version. You must also create a root topic pane container otPaneContainer. Import the example with" tab Traversal Another concern of SwingSWT integration is the behavior of the tab key when traversing between components from different toolkits. The listener fills it course immediately with the background color. This problem is especially noticeable when integrating with SWT since the SWT components. But how should it be invoked. It demonstrates only one half of the swtawt Bridge.

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JApplet, implement a custom subclass of cusTraversalPolicy for the embedded AWT frame. In other words, there are partial workarounds to this problem. AWT font sizes assignment always assume a 72 dpi resolution. Other Workarounds Due to Sun bug 6411042. Swing has similar restrictions though they are not as strictly enforced.

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