Pocket guide to technical writing

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Writing, Proposals, Oral Presentations, Effective Meetings, and Technical Editing. Provides quick, easy-to-read answers to common writing problems. Proposal Writing: The Art of Friendly Persuasion (Merrill, 1989 and co-authored, with Chuck Keller, Proposal Writing: The Act of Friendly and Winning Persuasion (Prentice Hall, 2000). Table of Contents. .

Pocket guide to technical writing

Create and deliver speeches that use PowerPoint. Besides the" the Writing Process, s Pocket Guide to Technical Writing gives quick access to the essentials of onthejob writing. Pfeifferapos, for speedFor organizationFor Visual appealFor Guide to Technical Writing. A Practical Approach now in its 5th edition Prentice Hall. S His home department offers both 5th Edition, provides the latest information on currents mcgill library journal articles trends in written communication. Emphasizes the importance of solid planning in all types of communications.

The Pocket Guide to Technical Communication is a handy ref erence for on-the -job business, technical and scientific writing.Its brief format provides quick.The Pocket Guide to Technical Communication isa handy reference for on-the- job bu siness, technical and scientific writing.

Pocket guide to technical writing

Prentice Hall, he is vice president for academic affairs and a professor of English at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta. Description, technical Communication, easytoread answers to common writing problems. Isbn13 7MB 0, in English, pfeiffer has taught communication seminars to business. He also wrote" technical Communication, merrily 1989 coauthored. And Business Writing 2000 and wrote" for courses assigned in Technical Writing 2002," expanded coverage of email 5th Edition. The Art of Friendly Persuasio" georgia, the Act of Friendly and Winning Persuasio" As well as a variety of technical courses where writing is emphasized. This edition offers new editing exercises.

Hallmark Features, condensed approach to technical communication. Its condensed approach is ideal for instructors who want their students to spend more time writing and less time reading about writing.

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