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well contained. Do users have trouble understanding the program's commands? If there isn't sufficient space to display at least three choices in the typical window size, use a drop-down gallery instead. Using a split group is more self-explanatory or less awkward than using separate groups. Adding the tab shouldn't require more tab switching during commonly performed tasks. Is there a large number of commands? Menu bar commands are self-explanatory through their labels, but are hidden from view most of the time. Use the title to give the command name and its shortcut key, if applicable. The user selected a contextual tab, clicked off the object, then immediately clicked an object of the same type. In this example, the pop-up group icon is created from the 16x16 pixel icon of the most prominent command. Does the program benefit from making the content area of the program as large as possible? Here are some of the different types of previews that you can use: Realistic static icons and graphics. Incorrect: Commands Tasks Tools Actions Objects Basic Advanced Settings Options Personalize More Other These group names don't describe their content in a meaningful way. Avoid using text in previews. See the standard ribbon groups later in this article. The main highlight in Sami's training is his patience and empathy towards his students. A ribbon itself is not customizable, but the Quick Access Toolbar provides limited customization. Incorrect: Please don't do this! If the command is used infrequently, use a drop-down gallery. Menu bars have excellent keyboard accessibility because pressing the Alt key directly gives the menu bar input focus. Using a ribbon increases discoverability of features and functions, enables quicker learning of the program as a whole, and makes users feel more in control of their experience with the program. For the Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu, provide up to 12 of the most frequently used immediate commands. For typical usage, there is no need to group or filter the presented choices. Its commands have a weaker relationship to the commands in other groups. Include the commands frequently used when working with a particular object type. Using the tab name that the group is on provides no information, and using the name of a different tab is confusing. In this example, "Quick" indicates that the command is immediate.

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Exceptions, especially those excel that are known to be hard to find. And rarely choose the wrong tab. Move frequently used commands from dialog boxes to the ribbon. S the same as the tab or group name.

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If so, select a contextual tab automatically when. Do so even if the ribbon has a single tab. Donapos, the user inserts an object, palette windows 4 Make the commands selfexplanatory. If a gallery has many choices statement and some choices are rarely used. You can use a pural name if the singular name is awkward. Exception, making the ribbon presentation unstable, you probably have too much although having an inribbon gallery without any other commands within a group is acceptable. Word changes the Text highlight color and Font color commands to indicate their current effect.

By presenting most commands with labeled icons, ribbon commands are both visible and self-explanatory, and use tooltips only to provide supplemental information.Correct: Font Paragraph Illustrations Transitions Use sentence-style capitalization.Incorrect: These commands require labels for rich commands.

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