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leased lines, which are leased from a telecommunications carrier, but this changed rapidly as cheaper and faster alternatives emerged. One emerging standard in this arena is synchronous optical network (sonet a set of protocols adopted by the American National Standards Institute (ansi) for high-bandwidth fiber-optic networking. WANs are structurally similar to metropolitan area networks (MANs but are typically slower and provide communications links for distances greater than 50 kilometers. One technology forecast saw corporate WAN traffic rising by as much as 30 percent a year through 2002, and much of this traffic will increasingly be routed through public networks using virtual private network technology rather than the closed private networks of the past. Wickremesinghe, Ranil Shriyan, wicksell, Knut, wiclif, John, wicomico County. Supported by relatively inexpensive networking hardware, frame relay is based on establishing a logical or virtual circuit across a network with another computer. WANs also transmit data at much slower speeds than LANs, most commonly at about.5 megabits per second (Mbps) or less, instead of the tens, hundreds, or even thousands of Mbps achieved by LANs. Tell a friend about us, add a link to this page, or visit the webmaster's page for free fun content. The international analog to sonet is known as the synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH). 7 Christos Santis, graduate student Scott Steger, Amnon Yariv, Martin and Eileen Summerfield developed a new laser that quadruples transfer speeds over fiber optic cabling. WANs are either point-to-point, involving a direct connection between two sites, or operate across packet-switched networks, in which data is transmitted in packets over shared circuits. 5 Academic research into wide area networks can be broken down into three areas: mathematical models, network emulation, and network simulation. "Campus Area Networks (CAN).

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25 standard that had been around since the mid1970s. WANs can also be writings built using less costly circuit switching or packet switching methods. Performance improvements are sometimes delivered via wide area file services or WAN optimization. Such as ATM, aTM services, digital networks and the data is less susceptible to errors. WANs do not just necessarily connect physically disparate LANs.

A is a telecommunications or computer that extends over a large geographical distance/place.Wide area network wAN.A, wAN ( wide area network ).

Which spans a wide geographical area. See also edit References edit" Dataphone digital article on consensus in climate change services, companies Reach for HighSpeed Alternative to Leased Lines for Access to the LAN. A 110 bits bits per second line was normal on the edge of the WAN.

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