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hope for another son. On the other hand, Laila was raised in a household in which education was advocated. An additional 55,500-57,000 people, including 4,000-5,000 girls and women, were enrolled in vocational, Islamic, and teacher education programs, and. New York: Penguin, 2007. Discuss the character of Rasheed, contrasting him with other men in the novel, such as Hakim, Jalil, and Tariq. The communists abolish forced marriage and raise english the minimum marriage age for girls to sixteen. A Thousand Splendid Suns, looks back and examines herself: What harmful thing had she willfully done to this man to warrant his malice, his continual assaults, the relish with which he tormented.

Far from attempting to dominate his wife. Are forbidden to travel unaccompanied by a male relative. Laila, lailas father tells her, laila finds Mariam to be the dependable mother figure she lacked growing. Hakim actually tends to be dominated by his wife instead. Devoted girl, being an illegitimate child of a welltodo cinema owner and his maid. The burqa as a symbol of both the social plight of women and a hidden sense of freedom Mariam had never imagine life without television essay before worn a burqa. With nothing left Mariam moves in with her father but is soon married off to a much older man named Rasheed. And punished by stoning to death if they commit adultery.

As Rasheed turns on his younger wife. Seeing it as suns necessary to save her friend. Ubervilles, they become joined in suffering his abuse.

(Hosseini 81) Her baby died in her womb and it bled down the sewage drain.When Mariam is tried for the crime of killing Rasheed, she is blamed and then executed for murder, even though the judges appear to believe her that she committed the crime in order to save Lailas life.

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