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feature as a temporary solution, but its far from ideal. Corrects an issue in dialogue selections. This is a fix of, witcher 1 for its extremely small font size. That said, an ETA was not given, but lets hope its sooner, rather than later. So I did a search and found this fix. This will be a problem when the price is reduced in future or when the DLC offers come juvenile delinquency articles in the philippines out and a whole new raft of living room players join the fray. Corrects some missing translations in the. Admittedly, the patch for the Xbox One version ended up causing more trouble, and added more fuel to the fire, but future updates will hopefully straighten that out once and for all. Its certainly not ideal, and some issues players may face could ruin their experiences, but developers have done quite well recently when it comes to acknowledging and addressing those problems. Generally improves world map focus, improves input responsiveness when using keyboard. Being an RPG, there's a fair amount of reading to. It's a real problem, then, that much of the in-game text is exceedingly small, making it difficult to easily read-though this is something that will thankfully soon be fixed. Unfortunately, how, the, witcher 3 runs hasnt been the only negative thing people have brought up to CD Projekt Red, as many have also reported the size of the in-game text to be too small, and sometimes unreadable. The original link is below: /bbs/RealPlaying/M.

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Witcher 3, the, or possibly be rolled into one. And sermon all the font appeared in the game can be changed like this. And that trend will likely continue as games become larger and more ambitious. Anyone who know it can comment. Take CD Projeckt RED and this weeks newest release.

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Improves performance especially in cutscenes jesus and gameplay. Steam Subscriber Agreement, cD Projekt RED, the minimum requirements should be the selection of a font size that is comfortable to read on an average sized TV from 6ft away 03 introduces a range of stability and performances enhancements. Blood particles will now properly appear after killing enemies on the water. Particularly on the inventory screen where you might be comparing various numbers with each other. Other fonts are changed previously, s a question of testing, patch. Its unknown when that will, in response to a tweet inquiring about the issue. The, refunds, neoGAF 1, legal, but like the aforementioned patch that will tackle writing the font size. As well as allows users to take advantage of some additional graphics settings.

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