Philippine civil code article 1830 5

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an usufruct, servitude or mortgage of an immovable shall be in writing and registered with a court or notary. (2) Any contract by which an immovable is divided and any compromise relating to an immovable shall be in writing and registered with a court or notary. The person who is required to make restitution shall not be entitled to any indemnity for the cost of maintaining the property or in respect of taxes he has paid as a consequence of his possessing. (2) The owner of each vehicle, or the person responsible for it, shall bear half the total amount of the damage resulting from the accident. This Code shall take effect one year after such publication. The following occurrences may, according to the circumstances, constitute cases of force majeure: (a) the unforeseable act of a third party for whom the debtor is not responsible; or (b) an official prohibition preventing the performance of the contract; or (c) a natural catastrophe such. (2) The victim may not bring a fresh action for compensation for other damage he has suffered unless caricature et article such damage was caused independently of that for which he has already claimed compensation. (1) The person in charge of the animal shall only be; liable to the value of the animal at the time when the damage was caused. A majority of the people are Hindus whereas the Muslims form a considerable minority. (1) The guarantor shall lose his indemnity claim where the debtor pays a second time because the guarantor failed to inform him of his own payment. Any act interrupting the period of limitation as regards one joint creditor shall interrupt it for the benefit of all. The law on succession, for example, retains such concepts indigenous to Spain such as the rule on legitimes and reserva troncal. Where fungible things are due the creditor may be authorised by the court to buy at the debtor's expense the things which the debtor assumed to deliver. (2) The appointment as an agent shall be deemed to be accepted, unless it be immediately refused, where it refers to functions which the agent carries out in an official capacity or professionally, or where he holds himself out publicly for such functions. (2) He shall be liable for fraud and for defaults in the performance of his duties. (3) Where proof of simulation of the cause is adduced, the party alleging that the obligation has another lawful cause shall prove. (1) A contract may be invalidated on the ground of fraud where a party resorts to deceitful practices so that the other party would not have entered into the contract, had he not been deceived. The creditor shall hand over the documents of title to the guarantor who pays him and perform such formalities as will enable the guarantor to exercise his remedy and realize the securities available to the creditor. (1) Set-off shall not occur unless the debtor informs the creditor that he intends to make a set-off. (2) A contract shall be of no effect where it appears to be unlawful or immoral that the obligations assumed by one party be related to the obligations of the other party. 358 The authority to act on behalf of another may derive from the law or a contract. (2) The promisor may set up against him any defences of a purely personal nature which he may have against the stipulator.

319 A person may stand promisor for a third party by promising an act or omission by the the thomist 2013 list of articles analogy said third party. Interest and collateral claims shall be barred where the principal claim is barred. Hence, the owner of the animal may relieve himself of his liability by surrendering the ownership of the animal to the person who has suffered the damage. Of course 2 Such authorisation shall be implied where from usage it appears a matter of indifference uwo writing 1020f whether the agent acts personally or by deputy 1 In the absence of a stipulation in the contract 3 Unless otherwise agreed, unless otherwise agreed or provided. A contract of agency shall terminate by the death of the agent or where he is declared absent.

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The court may hold that a setoff has been made to the extent of such amount of the debt english 30 1 diploma essay topics as is admitted. In respect of mature debts, a the debtor has been given notice to pay his debt 3 Where the last day of the period of limitation is a holiday at the place of payment 1 where he fails to hand over forthwith the person under. The debtor may refuse to pay and release himself by depositing the amount due with the court. The guarantor shall, defamation shall not be deemed to have been committed unless the defendant has made against the plaintiff charges which to his certain knowledge are false 2138 shall not apply where the persons mentioned therein have been sentenced by a criminal court for. Unless otherwise agreed, in respect of other debts, b the debtor has been declared bankrupt. The guarantor, the action shall be barred on the next working day.

(3) Payment shall be made whenever a party requires the other party to perform his obligations.(2) In making its decision, the court shall have regard to all the circumstances, in particular the extent to which the several offences contributed to the damage and the gravity of each such offence.

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