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student partners to perform their slow-motion paragraphs from the day before. What purpose does slow motion serve? Say, The first time a teacher let you help her teach the lesson was pretty special to you; you may have only taken the pointer and helped the class read the poem word-for-word, but you felt pretty special that day. Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Your eyes are stars, personification: When an author gives a non-human item human traits or qualities. And you have to know trickslike slow-motion writingthat help you take something small but personally important and fill a page with interesting details about the moment it happened. Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. Today I knew it was going to be different. The writer needed to take the reader through the whole experience of the sunset and expand on what he or she saw by describing several different visual details. I reached in, and the paper crinkled. Ask students to carefully copy their final drafts, checking for conventions, onto the answer sheet. The Sparklers also are a great tool to show to and discuss with your students right before they begin revising. Strategies for slowing and developing your writing: Give lots of specific sensory details to help the reader visualize the entire scene. One Day Before Students Write: This prompt comes with five sparklers by Nevada fifth graders who showed better-than-average writing skills while writing to this same prompt. If there is a part in the narrative that gives important background information but is not a truly significant moment, the writing should be sped up there. I looked to my left. Set up this scenario for your students: Youre a student and youre really hungry and its lunchtime. Or it could be any event at school that you remember well. An experienced writing teacher has at the ready, especially if there were some suggested topics listed for students, first sentence options that would jump-start those students who get lost in the opening line.

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If Mom accidentally gave me the tuna fish sandwich. And the writing test scorers would expect article peche mer them to write about one or the other in great detail. What does it mean to explode THE moment. T believe three 45minute sessions based on an ondemand prompt produces the most authentic writing from our students. Our Common Core State Standards require us to start pushing our students to analyze and evaluate what theyre reading and writing. On the other hand, and I leaned forward, after revising.

Slow motion writing allows the reader to look.Figurative Language and Imagery.Exploding the, moment, slow.

Then exploding the moment using slow motion writing repeating the process with students who read a different sample. I could have sworn the little hand on the clock was moving backwards. Think of a simile, margins are used completely to exploding the moment using slow motion writing identify and explain each mark. First discussing the samples strengths and big ideas with students who read the same sample. Or personification that you can add into your This I Believe essay 3 zoomed in on interesting smaller details. Tell them they also need to have thought about where in their narrative they might include a slowmotion moment. Special and unusual can and should be based on small events for fifth graders. An ImageLink below is provided as is to download presentation.

Have students create a list that answers this big question and the three questions that follow: During your slow motion moment, what interesting details will your writers movie camera be able to take in that a person watching the scene in real time might miss?It also gives the reader time to really experience and visualize the event.

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