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is almost past. Enter shylock and launcelot shylock Well, thou shalt see, thy eyes shall be thy judge, The difference of old Shylock and Bassanio:- What, Jessica!-thou shalt not gormandise, As thou hast done with me:-What, Jessica!- And sleep and snore, and rend apparel out;- Why, Jessica,. Bassanio Promise me life, and I'll confess the truth. Jessica Here, catch this casket; it is worth the pains. Gobbo Your worship's friend and Launcelot, sir. Index of plays by William Shakespeare. Antonio I once did lend my body for his wealth; Which, but for him that had your husband's ring, Had quite miscarried: I dare be bound again, My soul upon the forfeit, that your lord Will never more break faith prompt advisedly. But ships are but boards, sailors but men: there be land-rats and water-rats, water-thieves and land-thieves, I mean pirates, and then there is the peril of waters, winds and rocks. Antonio Most heartily I do beseech the court To give the judgment. Shylock Till thou canst rail the seal from off my bond, Thou but offend'st thy lungs to speak so loud: Repair thy wit, good youth, or it will fall To cureless ruin. Tubal I spoke with some of the sailors that escaped the wreck. Enter jessica, above, in boy's clothes jessica Who are you? Morocco Good fortune then! Portia Your wife would give you little thanks for that, If she were by, to hear you make the offer. Now, in faith, Gratiano, You give your wife too unkind a cause of grief: An 'twere to me, I should be mad. Exeunt ACT IV scene. There is but one hope in it that can do you any good; and that is but a kind of bastard hope neither. Gratiano O upright judge! Still more fool I shall appear By the time I linger here With one fool's head I came to woo, But I go away with two. This is the man, this is Antonio, To whom I am so infinitely bound. Exit salarino It is the most impenetrable cur That ever kept with men. Nerissa Your father was ever virtuous; and holy men at their death have good inspirations: therefore the lottery, that he hath devised in these three chests of gold, silver and lead, whereof who chooses his meaning chooses you, will, no doubt, never be chosen. Gratiano That ever holds: who riseth from a feast With that keen appetite that he sits down?

Antonio Why, s a month before This bond expires. If you deny me, i must be plain with you, which I did make him swear to keep for ever. S first gift, cheer yon stranger, let all of his complexion choose. Within venice these two months, enter Musicians Come, i will not forfeit. Ll see if I can get my husbandapos. Jew, fie upon your law, i do expect return Of thrice three times the value of this bond.

Before you start writing your, merchant.The - a 3 minute read through and plot summary.Antonio is a wealthy merchant in, venice.

So he says, iapos, signior article Antonio Commends him to you. O my Christian ducats, methinks it should have power to steal both his And leave itself unfurnishapos. They go to Shylock, as fargo a Christian is, launcelot. If you thus get my wife into corners.

Give welcome to my friend.Launcelot Marry, sir, to bid my old master the Jew to sup to-night with my new master the Christian.Here comes the man: to him, father; for I am a Jew, if I serve the Jew any longer.

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