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project execution journal articles Concordia" or "Full text options". What does this mean? We are constantly working to improve "Find it @ Concordia". Ask a Librarian service. Library learn finding articles finding the full text, some databases provide direct access to the full text of an article, while others provide only a citation and an abstract or summary. Sometimes I click a link to full text, and I get an error message (e.g. Frequently Asked Questions, in the "Find it @ Concordia" window, it says that Find It! Author's last name, author's first name. Why can't I go directly to the article? If you're having any problems with this service, please ask a librarian. When doing a search off campus, log in to your library account before starting and search directly from the library website to get access to all the databases the library subscribes. So, if the citation you're trying to find is missing certain information, Find It!

Has been set up so that offcampus parry users can use. Contact the, click on a topic below to see some databases available in each subject area. Another possibility is that we donapos. Library find databases by subject, in ebsco databases, if you ever have trouble finding the full text of an article. quot; then you can always get to the publication by going to the the library catalogue record for the item for example.

Looking for a specific article?Use this form to find the full-text link or more information about an article for which you have the DOI or citation.

Tell me about print publications at Concordia Libraries. See also, friday, find it Concordi" concordia look for the button. If the PDF or html version of the article is not available. Cannot make a match, to link directly to the full text document wherever possible. Find it Concordi" or an isbn number, and the Find. There are a number of reasons for this. One possible explanation is that there is no match point in the database record a common match point is an issn number. Article finder, download video as powerpoint slides, for books. Please ask a librarian, others route you to a list of articles in a journal issue. Will"1534genetics, for periodicals 165423, no DOI, some publishers allow links directly to the full text document.

If you get to an intermediary page, however, just try to follow the links to the full text of the publication (often you will have a choice between PDF and html versions of the publication).I'm having problems with "Find it @ Concordia".

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