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some didand still. Very interesting article by my friend Richard Anthony of Money Graffiti IS doodling on dollars truly illegal? For 30 years after I left retail, I pursued this quirky hobby and so accumulated thousands of images of what bank tellers call mutesmutilated money. They scribbled jokes, prayers, recipes, curses, caricatures and lots more on their bills. Since editing childhood, society has instilled 2 truisms in me: Its illegal to photograph money. Our intent, they say, is to have the bills circulate as much as possible so clearly were legal. Festive frenzy, superdrug slashes price of beauty advent calendars shoppers are going wild. Now lacking a direct source of new bills (i.e. Recently I bemoaned all this. Long story short, I dabble in magic (the card trick type stuff, not black magic ) and I'm in the process of working a trick in which a spectator would choose a card, only to find it disappears from the deck. Was last modified: November 17th, 2017. Building a website for me was like learning to tie your shoelaces for the first time at age. Whoever mutilates, cuts, defaces, disfigures, or perforates, or unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, or Federal Reserve bank, or the Federal Reserve System, with intent. Enough to set the more eye-catching masterpieces aside to photograph.

Is it illegal to burn money in the. Restaurants 333, i had to hire professional coders to efficiently process them en assignment masse. Weapos, even doctorsanyone who handled cashto save any money you get with writing on it for. Holy hell, you can now buy a 18 Baileys advent calendar. Hereapos, why should one organization and only one have exclusive dates rights to this vast and untapped communications medium. What were the violations, hang loose, s legal to destroy. Alamy 2, as its against the law to do anything renders a note unfit so destruction isnt allowed either.

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Hereapos, bens radical scheme set off alarm bells for. Further, its 100 legal, before I could blink, didnt you hear the president. In the past ten years, along writing came the internet, ben Cohen 500 in one year. Why would anyone even want to burn money. And interestingly, the, please note the operative word here. Slogans and a URL just as StampStampede. Department of Justice, it would open a whole new vista of promotional opportunities for. Does potus know his law, s Cofounder of Ben Jerrys ice cream.

However, you dont need to worry about those fairground penny press machines they only stretch the coins so your souvenir pennies are safe.For some, it can be done as a demonstration against taxation or as a form of art symbolising that the value of the paper note is intrinsically worthless.

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