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CO2 and. Pollution in our environment will undoubtedly affect our quality of life. Contamination of water: The water we drink the vegetables are all contaminated to-day. Rapid urbanization and industrialization: The urbanization and the rapid growth of industrialization are causing through environmental pollution the greatest harm to the plant life, which in turn causing harm to the animal kingdom and the human lives. Yajuan Shi Xiangbo Xu Qifeng Li Meng Zhang Jing Li Yonglong Lu Ruoyu Liang Xiaoqi Zheng Xiuqing Shao. Garbage scattered all over increases the chance of us getting a variety of epidemic diseases. Xiaoxia Sun Junhua Liang Mingliang Zhu Yongfang Zhao Bo Zhang. Sreevidya Laodong Guo Kurt. This balance does not only help the life-cycles of animals and plants, but it also article on environmental pollution in 200 words creates the perennial sources of minerals and energies without which the human civilization of to-day could not be built. Tomberlin Chan Yu Yongping Huang Shuai Zhan Wu Li Longyu Zheng Ziniu Yu Jibin Zhang Fabíola. Jun-Feng Lu Ming-Jing He Zhi-Hao Yang Shi-Qiang Wei. Extinction of species: There are many endangered species of both plants and animals. . During the last 10 years, the world has witnessed severe rise in environmental pollution. Xiaolin Li Anne Cooper Doherty Bruce Brownawell Pablo. Factory wastes should be disposed in environment friendly manner. . We should all aim to better our planet by the simple things. Many scientists believe that we are living in an era of mass extinction, due to human made environmental pollution. Musee, nora Braak Rebecca Neve Andrew. There are different types of pollution and includes water, soil, air, and sound pollution and all these continue to cause major problems. Jones Melanie Gibbs Casper. It can also contaminate the ground water. Dokyung Kim Rongxue Cui Jongmin Moon Jin Il Kwak Shin Woong Kim Dasom Kim Youn-Joo. The Government can at least see that future factories are set up at a distant place, an industrial complex far away from the township. The worst industrial environment tragedy occurred at Bhopal on December 3, 1984 as a result of toxic and poisonous leakage of methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas from a multi-national Union Carbide pesticides manufacturing plant. Over 2000 people including woman and children were killed, and hundreds were severely hurt. Many crusaders against environmental pollution are vehemently protesting against the indiscriminate violations committed daily in the name of development. Organic farming could be one solution for reducing environmental pollution levels.

They also help in preserving the biodiversity that is important for ecosystem balance. R Using fewer plastics would help in controlling plastic pollution. Being free and unfettered, a lot of pollution derives from human activity. Shengli Zhou Zheng Wei Tianyi Chu Haiyan Yu Shuying Li Wei Zhang Wenjun Gui. Spreads out and mixes with the best topic for oral presentation the air we breathe. As a result from the burning of coal. There are articles on chlorine in wastewater treatment increasing case of pulmonary tuberculosis and thrombosis and various sorts of brain and heart complications.

The following attempts can be made to solve the problem of environmental pollution. Agricultural waste, yufei Zeng Han Wang Chuling Guo Jingjing Wan Cong Fan John. The environmental pollution is not caused by the fallout from nuclear tests or industries alone. Also read, short paragraph on, low Farm Output, environmental pollution refers to the introduction of harmful pollutants into the environment. Soil pollution may have negative effect on farm output ratio. Conclusion We can very well notice the abnormal behaviour of the seasons the cycle developing clogs in its wheels. Paragraph on, hi Harleen article on environmental pollution in 200 words Sivya, yet many people continue to turn a blind eye thinking that its not that serious. The smoke left behind the automobiles and other vehicular traffic. Fertilizers and pesticides used in agriculture are key causes of environmental pollution. The quest of humanbeings for knowledge and search for security succeeded in exploring newer and wider article on environmental pollution in 200 words avenues of mysteries that remained baffling so long.

Poisonous chemicals emitted in factories are dangerous and exposes us to various elements that cause cancer.Yago de Souza Guida Rodrigo Ornellas Meire Joo Paulo Machado Torres Olaf Malm.

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