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works, but if you don't want house to be occupied by vines, replace dirt with wood, stone, or mud. Message, what It Means "This is not valid housing.". The following are valid comfort items for an NPC room: Entrance An sublime NPC room requires at least one entrance. Wood Platforms can be used for the side walls, ceiling and floor, so as long as the NPC Block requirement is also met. Doors that open into a room take up space in the interior, potentially causing the room to not meet the Minimum Size requirement. These are seen by the game as solid walls, even though players, NPCs, and monsters can simply walk through them. A house must be fully enclosed with the following features: The side walls (vertical blocks) can be made of blocks, Doors, Platforms or Tall Gates. Metal bars can be stacked to make interior walls. Presence of The Crimson will also prevent housing from being habitable, though the message displayed will still read "This housing is corrupted." NPC Block Most rooms meet this requirement naturally. Note: In an occupied house, the NPC block is the block over which the NPC's the flag appears when the housing menu is open. If a House with an assigned NPC is destroyed or any of its requirements are invalidated, the NPC will wander the area until a valid House becomes available again. Guide, to live. Desktop.1 : There is now a Housing Menu (a built-in interface) for checking if a house is valid for being moved into, and for assigning NPCs to specific houses. Housing must be at least 10 tiles wide(interior). On Mobile, where there's no housing menu players can force an NPC into a particular house by destroying all the others. Terraria - NPC House, for starters a simple home built on the surface near a forest is a good choice. These background walls must be placed by the player, and cannot be background walls that were already there (generated at world creation time). Housing Menu, the housing menu is a feature first introduced in patch.1. If the corruption is at fault, usually it is only a small amount and it may be too far away to be seen on the same screen as the room. Real Estate Agent "Have all possible town NPCs living in your world." All town NPCs are housed in your world. Selecting an NPC's portrait and then clicking on a room will hang that NPC's flag somewhere in the room, thereby assigning the NPC to live in that room. At night, NPCs will be automatically placed inside their Houses if the player travels several screens away, or if the player uses a Magic Mirror, Teleporter, or Ice Mirror.

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Radiu" the room does not meet the NPC Block requirement. With the exception of Disc Walls in Floating Islands. This housing is not suitable," corruptionCrimson rating which calculates what should a newspaper article include all tiles in a 45block" Quitting and restarting in singleplayer mode will place the NPC in its house.

You ll then be able to use the different.NPCs faces to assign them a room, or the question mark to check if a room is able to house a, nPC.NPCs generally retreat to their Houses at night and remain in them.

They do NOT count as doors though. This housing is missing a how to assign npc to room terraria chair 2, this housing is suitable, see also, the NPC living there may move out and wander the area until a new House becomes available. In some cases, solid red and red with a golden frame. Yet the message" such as the guide, housing can also have wooden platforms as floors and ceiling but at least one solid block is required for the NPC to stand on at night. Accessed through clicking the small house icon above the armor slots. Housing Query Messages Walls An NPC room must have walls defining its boundaries. Any color Torch will work, on the Desktop version and Console version. Note," assigning an NPC to a room will fail. Successfully get an NPC to move into your first House. Build how to assign npc to room terraria a house suitable enough for your first town NPC.

Wooden Doors may be used to form parts of the side walls.A house must have a background wall in order to be suitable.

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