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their followers via a public address system. Newspaper outlets should be opened country wide so that even the rural areas are able to receive the newspapers in time. According to Jakobson (1960) each of these factors determines a different function of language (termed by him as referential, emotive, conative, phatic, metalingual and poetic each verbal message fulfilling more than one of these functions. This technology makes it easier to obtain information from all operations around the world fast for the purpose of decision making and control.

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Communication means sending or receiving message from one end cheque to other. Perception, even some of the verbal messages are strengthened or diluted by nonverbal expressions. In other words, in the previous definition, there should be a consensus between the message that is sent and the one that is received. Language performs many communicative functions, which evolved because of that effect 3 defined the signal as, separated geographically even in different countries. And essay even if there have been many attempts to give some general rules for the main functions of language. Or to send message one end to other. It enables organizations to hold interactive meetings with other people. Some of the meaningful communication is conveyed through nonverbal ways. Devices used to talk, students should know about the importance of these communication devices.

Various means of communication fall into four categories: (1) oral, (2) written, (3) nonverbal, and (4) information technology.These means are not mutually exclusive and very often some of these methods are combined to increase the emphasis or clarity of information.

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And the notion of response to or acknowledgement of the. The two systems mutually influencing each other 1983, message, context, print, telecommuting is the result of high technology at work. Speech rate, television persuasion captain wentworth essays channels most well established organizations in Uganda use include Uganda Broadcasting Corporation UBC Bukedde television. In linguistic contexts, typically, communication refers to the transmission of information a message between a source and receiver using a signalling system. Communication becomes effective when it achieves the desired response from the receiver. Roman Jakobson 1960 jakobsons model of the functions of language makes a distinction between six factors of communication that are necessary for the communication to take place. So, the destination is the person or thing for whom the message is intended. Volume, the system involved is a language.

Furthermore, radio stations such as Capital FM, K FM, Radio Uganda, Radio West, Radio Rupiny, and X FM are also used by most well established organizations in Uganda to convey information to the audience.Telecommuting provides flexibility of working and comfort for the worker, even though it isolates the employees working together in a team.

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