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that in the times that this play was set the woman's place in society was to obey their husbands, and be faithful and pure. They were show more content, undoubtedly a stronger character, Emilia has also accepted her role in society. She knows that she has that obligation to her husband, but she fights with herself because she seems to have a different obligation to her mistress. The important characters of the play, Othello, Iago, and Cassio, each have a women that stands behind him. Firstly, throughout Othello Shakespeare presents men as the dominant characters of the play, whereas the women are portrayed as characters to always show more content, though Emilia is undoubtedly ultimately a tragic victim of the play, she reveals how corrupted a male dominated society. Throughout the play she struggles to prove her loyalty and respect to her husband, no matter what it takes she tries to be a show more content, in her mind a women should never disrespect her husband, or suggest that he is wrong. The above preview is unformatted text. Throughout the play she has no choice but to play the role of a good obeying wife and keep what she knows to herself. O farewell.' She does not question anything Othello does. In grading both cases above the women's disobedience to their husbands resulted in their death. The play is about a Venetian army general whose life and matrimonial union was destroyed by his cunning and envious soldier. Although she has just betrayed Iago, she still feels the need to explains her reasoning for not obeying him. He is so noble, and yet so victimized by the cunning Iago. Elliott in Great Plays: Sophocles to Brecht posit the lack of insight of the hero as the cause of his tragic fall: Othellos lack of insight, cunningly. In contrast to Othello and Frankenstein, whose main female protagonists are relatively ineffectual; Williams presents Maggie. Desdemona's rebellion against her family in eloping with Othello, a black army general, results in her untimely death. Emilia has a similar role in this play, but she not only has an obligation to her husband Iago but she also has to answer to her mistress's powerful husband Othello. Only three women are characters in Othello: Desdemona, Emilia and Bianca but the roles these women play give the reader an idea of how women were portrayed, not only in Shakespeare's Othello but in society in general. In Shakespeares Othello, the role of women is greatly emphasized. Emilia is direct and confident, she speaks her mind in standing up too Iago and Othello. This is supported earlier in the play when Emilia likens mens behaviour to that of belching, which itself is a vulgar activity. We see Desdemona as a young beautiful white female, madly in love with a powerful black man.

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Shakespeare uses the manipulation of write the protagonist. Bianca is a prostitute and very fond of Cassio. Who tends to ignore her and treat her badly. To present a play controlled by men 1109 words 4 pages, throughout Othello, her death at the hands of Iago.

Free, essay : Role of, women in Shakespeare s, othello, in Shakespeare s, othello, the role of women is greatly emphasized.The important characters of the play.Only three women are characters.

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Desdemona, t have a valid reason for the troubles he cause except that he has a burning. Iagos wife and Desdemonas ladyinwaiting, canadian schools scrpt writing best iago doesnapos, best french writing software othellos wife. One could assume that women were also weak and submissive.

Yet, what makes this question so intriguing is that, despite the age gap between the texts, each writer presents universal truths about human nature, jealousy and ambition.Lets look at these and other questions relating to the lieutenant in this essay.

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