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previous posts: The Bee Planner and, the Repurposed Book Binder, here are a few people and notebooks Ive been inspired by. In an attempt to lure myself into using my 3-ring planner this year I made a cover for it out of my favorite leftover gray linen. The front and spine are made of paper (photocopies, collages, drawings) or fabric. Once its off the plastic use pliers to pull out the little brads that were holding it in place so youre left with two holes on each side. The back should be bookboard or cardboard to give it a little weight. Materials Cheap 2-ring 35 notecard binder from office supply store Vinyl, from the uphostery section at JoAnns Bumble bee fabric* Photocopies of CD Artwork* Tissue Paper Cardboard or bookboard Short bolt with flat head, nut and 2 grommets. The spine of the book has to be a bit bigger than the height of the 2-ring metal binder piece, in this case it was one inch tall. Go a few pages into the first signature and spread the pages apart until you can see the stitching. In the Binder Series Ill show you my take on em and what I learned along the way. Also do a stitch up and down through the seems between the front, spine and back. Mary Anns video tutorials focus a lot on laying out different fabrics, book binding and creating paper pockets and all sorts of wonderful pages and collage techniques to fill books with. Using an exacto knife carefully cut the thread. Next, fold both endpapers open and mark/cut them so that theyre the width of the spine. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I really hacked this binder together. I completely hacked it together but heres what I can remember. First, rip out the 2-ring metal binder piece from your cheapo 35 notecard binder. Use the spray adhesive and attach the endpapers to the spine.

Pieces, stickers, dIY Planner Templates to fill the 3 paragraph essay sample inside. Tissue vinyl paper vinyl tissue Once the sewing is done the tissue paper will rip off easily. Now go make something, its important to keep the very first and very last pages that are attached to the covers intact these are called the endpapers. Now make your folds, the white sheets of paper are to protect the rest of the book from the adhesive. Parts, collage and book art go here. Envelopes and scraps for collaging, decorate and add the binder end of school year essay clip. Do the same to the back of the book so that youre left with only the cover and the endpapers. Thanks for reading, instructions for doing this are in The Bee Planner post. Bastiano if you want to see amazing stitch.

Ask the Editors, who knows, use a sharp tool or hammer and nail to create a hole through the entire back piece the size of your grommet. Part teal A and, the linen is a little too stretchy It turned out okay but the inside seam curves around in a circular shape where I pulled the fabric too tight. Part C in the diagram above. Words at Play, stretch it around the closed notebook to get the right length. I think marché I might buy some bookbinding supplies and try to attach the cover that way.

First, pull out the 2-ring binder clip from your 35 notebook.Decide what size paper youd like, poke holes in it and hook it on the binder ring.

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