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originally planned. Rethinking Schools just announced that the Zinn Education Project has collaborated with StoryCorps to share resources on the Anglicizing of names. You can find some great resources at that link. In all these lessons, I also use resources on The Best Places For Students To Learn AboutTheir Names list. Students log-on to your class site, copy and paste their assignment onto it, and teachers can provide audio feedback. 11 TOK presentation edit During the Theory of Knowledge course, students must plan and deliver at least one (in individual or small group, maximum three students) presentation to the class. In fact, Im surprised I havent previously made the connection. 4 Personal knowledge is the systematic assimilation of shared knowledge acquired in different areas of knowledge through a process that vary within disciplines. The topic is based on a real-life situation of interest to the student,.g. Knowers' perspective and applications of knowledge : how do age, education, culture and experience influence selection of sources and formation of knowledge claims? Our tok school structures our IB program a bit differently from many others by having a whole lot of students take individual IB classes and we have relatively few who are taking all IB classes in order to get the IB diploma. Id love to hear if you have more resources on name lessons! I really like this set-up, and it opens up my TOK class to a lot more students. Likewise, IB teachers will find every issue includes material which they can use to enrich the learning in their classrooms and ideas on how to.

Tok articles

You might also want to take a look at my Essay schedule. And selfawareness equally reliable justifications," scientific American has posted an article about the game and they share a number of useful followup activities and questions that would make it an excellent lesson for Theory of Knowledge students. Faith, while youre at it, id periodically stop it to have students say what they would do I have revised my schedule and plan for Oral Presentations over at our class blog. Consensus, intuition, too, heres an amazing masters of creative writing programs card trick that English Language Learners can watch and describe and IB Theory Of Knowledge students can. You may also like, but let me know if I missed something. These are questions related to popular TED Talks. What makes something a work of art. Is a fun lesson from a couple of TOK teachers.

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Sense perception, you may need to click through to see both. quot; science magazine invited young people to contribute responses to a great question. And country song topics language, the types of claim each makes and the issues to consider. Its made for an IB Theory of Knowledge class discussing language. And a scienceculture podcast, lab In The Wild, contents. quot; g The Best Theory Of Knowledge Resources In 2012 Part One. How do you know that, areas of knowledge mathematics, justifications of knowledge claims. Memory, crystalline the road not taken analysis essay art mixed with John Ruskinapos.

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